Also, love this part: "What I want is everything [...]" :)

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With all the writing apps launching, guess you must have found what you were looking for!

I'm using https://saga.so/ai which has all the commands you said in their contextual menu, it's super handy as directly integrated within notes and docs. Similar to Notion but faster and much less complex to use - no need to organize anything :-)

Also finding that writing good prompts is a learning curve, now I'm getting much better results as I know how detailed to make it, or to continue the conversation to get the output I want

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Totally agree! Every part of the user experience can be rethought from first principles to see if AI can help the user leap over steps that may have previously been necessary but no longer are. As you highlighted in your example, "I want to deal directly with *content, not frames.*". And, with Descript, you can.

Since you showed me Snipd (https://www.snipd.com/), I've had a similar experience. I realize that with podcasts (sometimes) I want insights without the fluff. For me, it's unlocked a new way to consume podcasts including ones I wouldn't have consumed before.

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